TSA Lock for luggage

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  • Numbers are easy to maneuver, reset and set to your own preferred passcode. 4-digit locks offer 10,000 combinations and take 10 times longer to crack than 3-digit locks. TSA Agents Never Leave Your Bags Unlocked After Inspections, Because They Cannot Remove The Key Without Relocking It. So You Can Keep Belongings Safe After TSA inspection! Combination can be reset as often as you choose. Package content 1 pack
  • Imported from USA.

Smart Desired TSA Lock for luggage  ,4 Digit
Combination Padlocks ,Best luggage lock for Travel Safety and
Security -TSA Approved suitcase Lock .Lifetime Gurantee


-TSA Approved Lock allows TSA screeners to inspect your luggage
without damaging the lock.
– Solid construction of high quality zinc alloy and plated
– Discourages the thief more than 3-digit locks which often can
be cracked within 10 minutes.
– Easily spot your luggage at the baggage claim area thanks to
the locks vibrant color.
Other use

The TSA Lock can also be used for anything that a padlock could
be used for, such as: Smaller lockers & cabinets, cases & bags,
chains, hasps and so on .


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